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The Best Antivirus for 2016! Protect your system efficiently

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Every year we are suggested to install some famous antiviruses.. but, technically speaking, what’s the real best antivirus?

First of all we need to make clear that there are a lot of different kind of antiviruses.
The most important are:

  • Free Antivirus:
    The most spread solution, it offers a complete home protection. Sometimes it can include some advertising.
    Strongly suggested for Home Users, on Desktops and Laptops.
  • Paid Antivirus :
    It is full-protection antivirus and offers a boosted protection.
    Without annoying ads, it’s the payment version of the Free Antivirus.
    Usually, it’s the “Internet Security” version of the software.
  • Pro Antivirus:
    It offers a complete protection and a lot of advanced tools for Agency or Expert Users.
    It can be the Internet Security version or the Premium version of the software (depending on the vendor).

Now that we know there are different kind of antivirus, it’s easier to understand the scoring: because even if they’re put together, they’re different and with different application field.
The last tests come from the important (and independent) AV-Comparatives Agency.
Here you can see the last comparative released.

Global Security of the most famous Antiviruses.

Sicurezza Globale dei principali Antivirus
Source: www.pandasecurity.com

Classification of Antiviruses – *Downgraded because of the high number of false positive.

Suddivisione in fasce di Prestazione - *Abbassati di un livello a causa del numero di falsi positiviSuddivisione in fasce di Prestazione - *Abbassati di un livello a causa del numero di falsi positivi. Close-up Engineering
Source: www.comss.ru

So as we said at the beginning of the article, there are a lot of types of antivirus software and here you’ll find the best antivirus software for every category.

Migliore antivirus free: Avast. Close-up Engineering
Source: http://www.av-comparatives.org/

The best Free Antivirus in the comparative is Avast! Free Antivirus.
There are other antiviruses which have a free version, but in the test they were tested as Pro version.


Migliore antivirus a pagamento: Kaspersky. Close-up Engineering
Source: www.av-comparatives.org

Paid Antivirus
The best Paid Antivirus actually seems to be Kaspersky Internet Security.
Already famous for his efficiency, it has been every year at the first place as Paid Antivirus.


Migliore antivirus aziendale: Bitdefender. Close-up Engineering
Source: www.av-comparatives.org

Pro Antivirus
The best Pro Antivirus is the innovative and rich of tools Bitdefender Internet Security.
With his Photon Technology it won’t affect in any way your system performance.


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