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A Skateboard driven by thought? “Board of Imagination”

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Board of Imagination: this is the name of the invention of Chaotic Moon Labs, a skateboard controlled by an helmet Emotic Epoc, (which acts as a system for the acquisition and processing of the neurological signals) made by the company of neuroengineering Emotiv, transmits signals from the brain to a Samsung tablet equipped with Windows 8 operating system which controls an electric motor of 800 W.

It’s suffice to imagine a point where to go and the speed with which reach it, the helmet coupled to the software interprets the brain waves and translates them into digital signals and then in movement of the table.

It can reach a speed of 51 km / h and a range of about 16 km and you have the ability to slow down and stop.

casco Emotic Epoc , Close Up-Engineering

But how can the helmet read and translate brain waves?

The device is “trained” by the skater: it learn to think like him, and then, after a little training, it is able to interpret thoughts. As every brain is different, you can’t create a general valid profile in all cases.

The device Emotive EPOC is a wireless neuro-headset that allows the acquisition and processing of data at a not excessive cost and of easy intuition.

The headset sends signals from the pilot’s brain to a Samsung tablet by a proprietary USB connector that comes with itself headset.

At this point, the software of the board interface communicates with the electric motor by a “Phidget”, which is basically a plug-and-play USB unit of control and detection.


Image credits: digitaltrends.com

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