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Hendo: the first hoverboard in history

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The founder of the company Arx Pax, Greg Henderson, is the inventor of Hendo, a board that allows you to float a few inches above the ground. To rise from the ground engineers have used 4 “Hover Engine” capable of creating a powerful magnetic field, generating a magnetic repulsion force between the motor and a metal surface.

The magnetic levitation (maglev) is a method by which an object is suspended on another without any support (in addition to magnetic fields). The electromagnetic force is used to counter the effects of the gravitational force.

The system of “levitation” is still under development and therefore the movements of the hoverboard aren’t  yet fluid and precise. This first model supports up to about 136 kg (226 kg, the final version) and is offered at $ 10,000 on Kickstarter.

hendo, Close-Up Engineering

The ultimate goal of the Hendo technology consists of an anti-seismic application, if you had to have the technology to put permanent structures in a few inches from the ground, without lateral movements.

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